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Meet Our Staff

  Name Title Group Contact
Jane Bennett Bennett, Jane Library Specials 765-447-3052
Sarah Bollock Bollock, Sarah 5th Grade Elementary 765-447-3052
Judi Buchman Buchman, Judi Middle School Lang. Arts, Bible, and French Middle School 765-447-3052
Kayla Del Valley Del Valley, Kayla Kindergarten Elementary 765-447-3052
Trinette Dommer Dommer, Trinette ELS Coordinator Resource 765-447-3052
Megan Doorn Doorn, Megan Physical Education & Athletic Director Specials 765-447-3052
Karla Eiler Eiler, Karla Resource Resource 765-447-3052
Tina Eversman Eversman, Tina 1st Grade Elementary 765-447-3052
Janet Fisher Fisher, Janet Administrative Assistant Support Staff 765-447-3052
Cindy Freudenthal Freudenthal, Cindy 4th Grade Elementary 765-447-3052
Stephanie Graves Graves, Stephanie 5th Grade Elementary 765-447-3052
Emily Halsmer Halsmer, Emily Middle School Math & 7th Grade Homeroom Middle School 765-447-3052
Joshua Hopper Hopper, Joshua Music Specials 765-447-3052
Janet Mann Mann, Janet Accountant Support Staff 765-447-3052
Lynn Mastey Mastey, Lynn Art Specials 765-447-3052
Laura O'Shaughnessey O'Shaughnessey, Laura Middle School Science & 6th Grade Homeroom Middle School 765-447-3052
Kim Plantenga Plantenga, Kim 2nd Grade Elementary 765-447-3052
Cathy Posas Posas, Cathy 3rd Grade Elementary 765-447-3052
Kathi Ratcliffe Ratcliffe, Kathi 1st Grade Elementary 765-447-3052
Jonathan Rugenstein Rugenstein, Jonathan Principal Administration 765-447-3052
Jennifer Sanchez Sanchez, Jennifer Secretary Support Staff 765-447-3052
Kevin Sanson Sanson, Kevin 2nd Grade Elementary 765-447-3052
Ann Schmidt Schmidt, Ann Resource Resource 765-447-3052
Patty Siener Siener, Patty GLASS Staff Resource 765-447-3052
Dana Stephan Stephan, Dana Preschool & Pre-K Director & Teacher Elementary 765-447-3052
Nora Tribble Tribble, Nora Kitchen Manager Support Staff 765-447-3052
Michelle Tuinstra Tuinstra, Michelle 3rd Grade Elementary 765-447-3052
Lisa Vanderkleed Vanderkleed, Lisa 4th Grade Elementary 765-447-3052
Emily Vanderwall Vanderwall, Emily Middle School Social Studies & 8th Grade Homeroom Middle School 765-447-3052
Suzanne Wetzel Wetzel, Suzanne Preschool & Pre-K Teacher Elementary 765-447-3052
Jennifer White White, Jennifer Director of Advancement Administration 765-447-3052
Bridget Winger Winger, Bridget Kindergarten Elementary 765-447-3052