LCS Choir at Purdue
Music Program Overview


Lafayette Christian School provides its students with a comprehensive music program from Kindergarten through 5th Grade. For Kindergarten through 5th Grade students, the curriculum focuses on engaging, hands-on activities that completely immerse the students in the exciting world of music. Music classes meet twice a week for 1st Grade through 5th Grade and once a week for Kindergarten. Part of the music curriculum includes performance opportunities for the annual Christmas and Grandparents' Day programs. 

5th Grade students are expected to enroll in the Beginning Band class. Beginning Band builds on the music fundamentals established in their 4th Grade recorders segment. In addition to band, the 5th Grade music curriculum has been built from scratch to incorporate all aspects of music theory, performance, and cultural awareness to help foster the development of a well-rounded musician. The 5th Grade Beginning Band performs at its annual "Informance" and jointly with the Concert Band and the Concert Choir at the Spring Concert. 

Middle School students may elect to continue their musical studies in Concert Band, where they will be expected to continue to improve their skills to allow them to handle more difficult music. Students new to Lafayette Christian School are accepted based on their prior ability and/or willingness to develop an acceptable proficiency on an instrument through private instruction. Middle School students also have the opportunity to enroll in the Concert Choir. Both of these ensembles perform at three school-sponsored concerts each year (Fall, Christmas, and Spring). The band will also perform for the annual Veteran's Day Chapel and the ISSMA Organizational Contest. The choir has additional opportunities to perform at several local venues throughout the immediate and greater Lafayette areas, including the Salvation Army Kettle Kickoff, the Barnes & Noble Fundraising Night, and the Purdue Memorial Union Holiday. Students who do not take choir or band are automatically enrolled in Music Appreciation, a study of the various aspects of music history, musical styles, and music theory. 

The Lafayette Christian School Band & Choir Programs thrive to achieve and attain a high-degree of excellence, which is only made possible by the dedication of its members. For this reason, everyone involved in either of these two ensembles will be held to high-standards and expected to meet these standards. Successful participation in these ensembles can be incredibly rewarding and life-changing. 

Consistent with the core values of Lafayette Christian School, the music program embraces a Christ-centered approach to education. It is the goal of this music program to make students life-long lovers of music.