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Hot Lunch Volunteers

Lunch Volunteers Needed


Where can you see hundreds of smiling faces in just a couple of hours? The LCS lunch room!

And the biggest smile of all will be that of your child! 

And now, you can sign up on-line! Just click the link below and select the date you can volunteer.  The system will send you an email reminder two days before your working date, and you can even add it directly to your icalendar directly from the site. Convenient and easy! If you are a 9-5 worker, consider checking your work holiday calendar and seeing if you have days off that school is in session, or consider taking a long lunch. Helpers are only needed 10:45-1:00, and if each family helped once a year, we would have a helper almost every day. The efficiency and atmosphere of our lunchroom touches every child in the entire school, and parent helpers really do ensure that things run smoothly. We hope to see you passing out trays at the lunch counter soon.

Sign-up below by picking the date(s) you are available. Please include your email address so that we can contact you if needed.