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LCS Society

Lafayette Christian School Society


Lafayette Christian School is owned and operated by the Lafayette Christian School Society. To become a member of the Society one must one of the following:

  • A parent or legal guardian of children enrolled in the school’s regular classroom program
  • A current staff member of the school
  • A confessing member of a Christian Reformed Church in Tippecanoe County
  • An interested person approved by the school’s Board who has made or pledged a financial contribution during the previous or present school fiscal year.

All parents and guardians who have children enrolled in our school are therefore automatically members of the Society.  The Society normally meets once per year near the end of April to approve the following year’s budget, elect new Board members, review reports, and any other business usually brought by the Board. From time to time special Society meetings are called.

Setting a Vision for the Future
The LCS Strategic Plan


LCS Strategic Plan - Approved 08/15/2017


The mission of Lafayette Christian School is to excel in Christ-centered education and equip each unique child to love and serve God in all of life. With that concise but powerful mission in mind, many willing servants from our school community — parents, teachers, and school supporters — embarked on a journey several months ago to develop a strategic plan for LCS.

The purpose of this strategic plan is simple: We want to establish a vision for the future of the school and establish quantifiable goals and timelines that will hold us accountable in reaching our stated goals. However, as we know, our planning and goal-setting are all for naught without the blessing and guidance of our Heavenly Father. And so, it is to the glory of God almighty that we set out to develop a vision for the future.

We have five different subcommittees, each of which worked on a separate ‘strategic bucket’ of the overall plan. These buckets are building and grounds, communications, education, finance, and governance.

The mission statements and newly established goals for each of the subcommittees — as well as the results of a lot of time, sacrifice, and prayerful consideration from those involved in the process — are as follows:

Building and Grounds: Upgrade and maintain the building to provide a safe, professional, and inviting atmosphere where parents want to send their children.
  1. Upgrade the old wing of the school to create an inviting atmosphere.
  2. Improve the function of the old wing of the school to model a professional atmosphere.
  3. Settle on plan for complete renovation and begin the capital drive for the project.
  4. Clarify maintenance roles and fund appropriately.
Communications: Provide consistent internal and external communications to the LCS community, giving them the information they need via a platform that is easily accessible.
  1. Develop and implement a more effective, concise, and streamlined internal communications plan.
  2. Develop an external communications plan to target local/affiliated churches and pastors, the general public, and our school community.
  3. Build a closer school society and community.
Education: Excel in Christ-centered education, equipping each child for a lifetime of learning and service to God.
  1. Update school curriculum consistently in order to ensure students are receiving relevant education for today’s learners.
  2. Technology: We must ensure that our students are equipped for working in today’s society. Using updated tools and technology helps with lifetime learning.
  3. Simple Excellence: We want to assess what is important to our school and community and make sure these events are done well.
Finance: Develop a set of fiscal principles and practices that ensure good stewardship of the blessings God provides to Lafayette Christian School.
  1. Create a balance budget to enable the school to operate in a fiscally responsible manner.
  2. Create a budget that is compared to actual performance on a continual basis as well as maintaining expense control accountability.
  3. Create financial accountability and review procedures for cash handling in the front office.
Governance: Provide guidance, structure, direction, stability, and consistency.
  1. Affirm current LCS basis and beliefs in the board of trustees and school staff.
  2. Review and evaluate board size, composition, and terms.
  3. Include invited non-board members to participate in planned/regular presentations to the board.
  4. Pursue additional LCS “supporting churches,” educate the LCS leadership/community, and refine definitions of relations with new supporting churches.
On August 15, 2017, the Lafayette Christian School Board of Trustees voted to approve the strategic plan crafted and developed by all the wonderful and dedicated servants involved in this initiative. Perhaps the most exciting part of this new strategic plan is the amount of school stakeholders who invested their time and talents in creating this vision for the future.

The complete strategic plan can be found on the Lafayette Christian School website or by clicking the link above. The Board of Trustees would like to thank everyone involved in the development and roll-out of this vision for the future. We humbly request your continued prayers for wisdom and discernment for the board as we begin roll-out of the various action items. Thank you for supporting Lafayette Christian School.

We give all praise to God Almighty for continuing to lead and bless our school.

In Christ,
The Lafayette Christian School Board of Trustees