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Meet Our Staff

  Name Title Group
Jane Bennett Bennett, Jane Library Specials
Sarah Bollock Bollock, Sarah 5th Grade Elementary
Beth Carlson Carlson, Beth 5th Grade (part-time) Elementary
Kayla Del Valley Del Valley, Kayla Kindergarten Elementary
Trinette Dommer Dommer, Trinette ELS Coordinator Resource
Megan Doorn Doorn, Megan Physical Education & Athletic Director Specials
Denise Eades Eades, Denise Interventionist Resource
Mary Edgar Edgar, Mary MS Language Arts Middle School
Karla Eiler Eiler, Karla Resource Resource
Tina Eversman Eversman, Tina 1st Grade Elementary
Janet Fisher Fisher, Janet Office Manager Support Staff
Cindy Freudenthal Freudenthal, Cindy 4th Grade Elementary
Stephanie Graves Graves, Stephanie 5th Grade Elementary
Trudie Gruber Gruber, Trudie MS Math Middle School
Ruth Kaufman Kaufman, Ruth Interventionist Resource
Janet Mann Mann, Janet Accountant Support Staff
Lynn Mastey Mastey, Lynn Art Specials
Laura O'Shaughnessey O'Shaughnessey, Laura MS Science Middle School
Kim Plantenga Plantenga, Kim 2nd Grade Elementary
Cathy Posas Posas, Cathy 3rd Grade Elementary
Sevina Sakel Sakel, Sevina Resource Resource
Jennifer Sanchez Sanchez, Jennifer Secretary Support Staff
Kevin Sanson Sanson, Kevin Technology Middle School
Shauna Schenke Schenke, Shauna MS Electives Middle School
Patty Siener Siener, Patty GLASS Teacher of Record Resource
Dana Stephan Stephan, Dana Preschool/Pre-K Director & Teacher Elementary
Leslie Sutton Sutton, Leslie Music Director Specials
Michelle Tuinstra Tuinstra, Michelle Interim Principal Administration
Lisa Vanderkleed Vanderkleed, Lisa 2nd Grade Elementary
Emily Vanderwall Vanderwall, Emily MS Social Studies Middle School
Suzanne Wetzel Wetzel, Suzanne Preschool/Pre-K Elementary
Jennifer White White, Jennifer Director of Advancement Administration
Bridget Winger Winger, Bridget Kindergarten Elementary