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What are people saying about LCS?



"As we began our journey in kindergarten along with being a Foster Parent, there were challenges.  We noticed our son having some challenges in kindergarten and 1st grade with physical and emotional challenges. After many tests, doctor appointments, and diagnosis of ADD and anxiety, we felt some things were not being addressed and began looking for other options.  Being part of the public school system was rewarding and beneficial but with class sizes, limited staffing, the ability to meet a child's individual needs. We wanted our children to learn about the Bible/God as part of their curriculum.  We started looking at different schools and wanted our children to have faith based curriculum, smaller classes, and provide individual resources to help meet their needs. 

We are grateful for LCS!  There is no perfect school, but we know this school is making a difference in our kids lives every day. 

We see a better attitude, a balance between faith, love, kindness, emotional, physical and personal attributes with their attitude. This school is a star-rated school and our kids are learning advanced curriculum and this preparation, a foundation when preparing for high school is critical in today's society. This builds on their character, their ability to work hard and meet goals. Our favorite part about this is building a relationship with God, a solid foundation, prayer to enrich them for challenges they face in their future and character building and faith based. Thank you LCS for what you are doing in so many kids lives." 
— Evans Family

"I wanted to express my sheer joy and gratefulness for what LCS has done for our daughter and the rest of our family.  She is being placed in ALL advance-level classes! They love her excitement for learning and how much of an advocate she is for getting the most out of her education; there was no hesitation moving her up after only 2 days of being in classes.  I know this could not be a part of whom she has become if it weren't for the great support she received from all the teachers and staff at LCS.  When she started in 1st grade with so much trouble reading, I was worried. But with the resources ya'll were able to provide, she has flourished."
— Michelle M., Family moved out of state

"This has been a phenomenal year! Our son filled out a paper that said his favorite subject was Bible. That was all the confirmation we needed. It was definitely the right choice for us!"
— Karen T.

"We have had children at this school for 9 years. Our oldest is heading into a very large public high school. I have no doubt that he is prepared emotionally, academically, and spiritually. He knows he will face a lot of new situations, and we talk openly about those issues. He will be enrolling in Honor's level classes at the recommendation of the school he will be attending based on test scores and interviews. The teachers have done a great job of helping to grow academically and spiritually."
— Pleased Parent

“With over 60 churches represented in the school, I love knowing my children are surrounded by Christian peers. I love that God is at the center of all lessons.”

“The teachers are engaged and caring. If you want great academics and a Christ centered environment, this is the school for you.”

“The individualized attention that each child receives is phenomenal and made possible by the small class sizes. It is so comforting to leave my child in a place where the teachers pick up where we left off when we drop her off. She is getting a fantastic academic education, which is built on a foundation of God's Word. I like that she has memorized so many Bible verses, but I LOVE that she applies it to her life at home.”


"LCS is an amazing school! The teachers are so involved in the students' lives. They are incredibly helpful & godly. They have given me an above-and-beyond education; and because of that, high school is much easier. The teachers do not force opinions on the students. They are humble, and they go out of their way to make the classroom fun. I never thought math could be an enjoyable subject! Our junior high history teacher brought in coffee, biscuits and gravy, and many helpful activities pertaining to different areas of the world. The hands-on activities really make the learning experiences worthwhile. This school holds so many wonderful memories and I absolutely, without a doubt, recommend it for everyone!"
— Erin L., class of 2013
"I first discovered my passion for science in a 4th-grade classroom at LCS, and my interest in a future of scientific inquiry was sparked in a middle-school science course.  Lafayette Christian's emphasis on honoring God through science and seeing God's hand in the world around me have guided my academic endeavors ever since."
— Russell C., class of 2004
“LCS has given me an above-and-beyond education; and because of that, high school is much easier.”
“LCS prepared me for pressures of high school (social, spiritual, academic) and taught me how to respond. I am thankful for the firm foundation that was built at LCS.”