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COVID-19 Resources

1. What if we are unable to pay tuition?
We are offering limited, special financial assistance to families that are unable to meet their obligation currently. Those who are in that situation should contact Jennifer White for details on applying for assistance.
2. Will we be getting a tuition refund?

The board has been working through how we can best address all the changes that have occurred due to the coronavirus and the stay-at-home order. It has required parents and school staff to make a lot of changes to how we operate, and it has been difficult for everyone on at least some level. We hope that you have not only been able to cope with the changes, but that you are also able to see God's hand working in your life and the lives of your family, as well as in His world.

As we move forward with the education process in this new format, we continue to pay our teaching staff. We will also continue to pay our hourly staff through the end of April, in some cases utilizing them on different tasks as needed. Because our expenses remain relatively normal, we will continue to bill for full tuition. We understand that the circumstances surrounding the coronavirus may be causing financial hardship for some of our families, so we have developed a COVID19 relief fund to help those in need. Since Lafayette Christian School is ultimately a partnership between families, wouldn't it be great if we could all come together to make sure everyone's needs are met? (Sounds like something the church body should be known for, doesn't it?)
3. How can we donate to help families who may be struggling to pay their tuition?

If you have been blessed financially and have more than you need, please consider donating to help those who are struggling financially due to our current circumstances. If you can donate to the relief fund visit

4. Will we be able to buy TRIP/Scrip?  
Only ScripNow! e-cards with PrestoPay are available. You purchase cards and print them or show them to the cashier on your phone plus you pay online. No physical cards are being ordered at this time.
5. Can we still sign up for TRIP/Scrip?
Yes. Visit Click on Join a Scrip Program. You will need the school enrollment code. We are not able to post this code on the website. Email to request the code.
6. Will our child still get grades?
Yes. Student work will still be assessed and graded as would be typical for their grade level. Students will receive a report card at the end of the school year. We will make a notation on the report card that the entire fourth quarter was completed through distance learning.
7. How are teachers handling late work?
It is best for student learning and teacher assessment when students make every effort to keep current with their schoolwork.  In order to accommodate each student’s online learning environment, teachers will graciously be accepting late work within reason without penalty.  However, after two weeks from the assignment due date, late work will no longer be accepted, and the student will receive a zero for that assignment.
8. How will I know that my child is ready for the next grade level?
Teachers are giving ongoing assessments to gauge students’ progress.  Teachers are also mindful of grade level benchmarks and are targeting instruction to help students meet those expectations. Although our delivery of instruction has changed, we are still on track to complete the essential components of our curriculum as planned.
9. Will there be exams for 7th and 8th grade students?
No, not as normally scheduled. As explained above, teachers will be focusing on student achievement related to grade level benchmarks and therefore will conduct assessments focusing on those expectations and not necessarily comprehensive exams.
10. What if my child is struggling academically?  How can I get more support?
Our resource teachers and interventionists are fully functioning and actively supporting students.  Teachers are closely monitoring students and recommending extra support through these avenues when needed. If a teacher recommends support for your child, please take advantage of this offer, so your child does not fall behind.  If you would like for your child to receive assistance during this time of online learning, please contact your child’s teacher and appropriate arrangements will be made. 
11. When is our last day of school?
The last day of academic instruction is May 15. We will have some closing activities the week of May 18-22. These activities are supposed to be like the end of the year activities students would normally do at the end of the year (i.e. class parties, special lunch together, etc.) Each teacher will communicate what these activities are and how they will take place while abiding by the rules. These activities are not required but may help your child wrap up the school year with their friends.
12. Will we have a Society meeting?
The Society meeting that was scheduled for May 4th has been rescheduled for June 28th.  
13. Will we still have a yearbook?  
Yes, there will still be a yearbook. Yearbooks will be $12. You can add $3 for shipping directly to your house. Click here to order your yearbook.
14. When will we be able to come into school and get items left in desks or lockers?   
Teachers are bagging up all student belongings from desks and cubbies to be distributed during packet pick up. If you have not received your child’s belongings by the April 27th packet pick up, please email your child’s homeroom teacher.
15. What will happen with 8th grade graduation, KG graduation and end of the year parties? 
We will continue to communicate with you regarding the cancellations and postponements of school events. All spring sports are canceled. We are considering different ways to celebrate our 8th grade students and kindergarten students.  8th grade graduation will be held on May 28th. A committee has been formed to discuss details. Kindergarten graduation will occur during the week of May 18-22. The Kindergarten teachers will communicate further details. All events and logistics, such as in-person, drive-through, etc., will depend on the guidelines and recommendations from our local and state health officials. 
16. How can friends or family members apply for enrollment at LCS for 2020-21?  
If you know of a family who would like more information about Lafayette Christian or would like to enroll their children for next year, please have them email Jennifer White 
17. 2020-21 Tuition Assistance Applications are Available  
Contact Jennifer White if you need an application.


Visit this link from the Indiana Department of Education to find extra resources for remote learning. 

Lafayette Christian School
COVID-19 Continuous Learning Plan
  1. Describe how you will deliver continuous learning opportunities for all students, including special student populations.
    • Weekly packets with daily instruction. Packets are returned and graded. Virtual class meetings via Zoom will be held.
  2. Describe how your district communicates expectations for continuous learning implementation to students, families, and staff.
    • Students - Email, weekly paper packets, virtual meetings
    • Families - Email, weekly paper packets, texts, phone calls
    • Staff - Email, texts, phone calls, virtual meetings
  3. Describe student access to academic instruction, resources, and supports during continuous learning.
    • Teachers prepare weekly packets of instruction. Teachers are available during school hours (and some beyond) to talk to students via email, phone, virtual meetings. Students are provided multiple online resources as well as resources sent home in the weekly packets. Resource teachers are available for special education students in the same manner as classroom teachers.
  4. What equipment and tools are available to staff and students to enable your continuous learning plan? Please list.
    • Chromebooks are available to staff and families who express a need for a computer at home. Textbooks are sent home with weekly packets as well as printed papers that are needed.
  5. Describe how educators and support staff are expected to connect with students and families on an ongoing basis.
    • Via phone, email, virtual meetings (Zoom, Google Meets, etc.), text, packet pick-up and drop-off
  6. Describe your method for providing timely and meaningful academic feedback to students.
    • Teachers are grading the weekly packet upon return and providing feedback/grades within a week. Teachers are also responding daily to assignments that are turned in electronically (i.e. Google docs, Google classroom) 
  7. Does your continuous learning plan provide an avenue for students to earn high school credits? If so, describe the approach.
    • The only class that is offered that can earn high school credit is Algebra 1 for our advanced 8th grade students. Instruction and grading will continue the same as a traditional classroom with textbooks, online components, and tests.
  8. Describe your attendance policy for continuous learning.
    • If students return the work and show an attempt at completing assignments, the student is counted as present for the school day.
  9. Describe your long-term goals to address skill gaps for the remainder of the school year.
    • Teachers will provide a thorough review of the previous grade at the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year. We will offer learning opportunities over the summer such as “Battle of the Books” and tutoring as needed.
  10. Describe your professional development plan for continuous learning.
    • One main professional development area we have focused on this year is electronic learning. Our teachers are continuing professional development in this area and putting the learning into practice in real-time.