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State Testing & Distinctions



Lafayette Christian School administers ISTEP+ (Indiana Statewide Testing for Educational Progress) in grades 3 through 8 which test students' mathematics and English/language arts abilities.

Lafayette Christian School also administers the science ISTEP+ in grades 4 and 6. Social studies tests are administered in grades 5 and 7.

The performance of grade 3-8 students at Lafayette Christian School on the Spring 2018 ISTEP+ tests is listed for Math and English/Language Arts.

Math = 74.8% PASS (state average = 58.3%)
English/Language Arts = 89% PASS (state average = 64.1%)


*Test taken in the spring of the 2017-2018 school year

We are extremely proud of our students' performance and the learning it represents!



IREAD-3 is an evaluation of reading skills for students who are in grade three to ensure that all students can read proficiently before moving on to grade four.

Passing Percentage
2017-2018: 94.1%
2016-2017: 100%
2015-2016: 100%
2014-2015: 100%
2013-2014: 100%
2012-2013: 100%
*2011-2012: 90%
* First year of IREAD