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About 5th Grade

Hello!  I am Sarah Bollock, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to teach fifth grade at LCS.  It is a joy to see God work in my classroom as He draws students into relationship with Him and with one another.  Our course of study throughout fifth grade is engaging, interactive, relevant, and lots of fun!  Here are a few highlights:

Bible - We begin with God's covenants with His people, learn about how Jesus fulfills those covenants, and spend the rest of the year studying the birth, ministry, teachings, and miracles of our Lord and Savior.

Reading - Students choose many books to read throughout the year as we delve into the varied genres of literature and non-fiction.  Fifth grade books are amazing!

Language Arts - Students follow the crazy antics of Robin Hood as they discover sentence structure, grammar rules, and parts of speech, and punctuation rules. 

Writing - Students practice writing with Structure and Style using the Excellence in Writing principles.  Our writing assignments span the disciplines as we respond to each subject with the challenge to display depth of knowledge while exploring personal creativity. 

Spelling - Students show competence with basic fifth grade words and are then challenged to spell higher level words that fit with our curricular studies for the week.

Science - We are excited about our new online Science curriculum, which engages students in fresh ways of thinking about God's world and making choices about how we can respond as caretakers and stewards of creation.

Social Studies - Saving the best for fifth grade we dive into US history with a textbook that reads like an amazing narrative.  The people, places, and events come alive for us as we read and respond to the History of US.