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Tuition--with no extra fees!


Tuition Schedule


2017/2018 School Year


Grade Per Month Per Year
Pre-school $120       (9 payments)   $1,080
Pre-K $195       (9 payments)   $1,755
K (3-day) $280      (12 payments)  $3,360
K (5-day) $466      (12 payments)  $5,592
1st-8th $466     (12 payments)  $5,592

There are no additional book, transportation, technology, band, or building fees. 


LCS K-8 Multi-Child Grant

This grant is available and is to be deducted from the family’s total full tuition for children in grades K-8.
3 children – 10% grant        4 or more children – 25% grant
The Multi-Child Grant is applied first before any additional grant is applied.

Indiana Choice Scholarship

Lafayette Christian School participates in the Indiana Choice Scholarship Program.  Our Admissions Director can help you assess if your student qualifies for a Choice Scholarship and provide information on how to apply. 

Education Grant
Education Grants are available to qualifying families and applications are to be completed and submitted to the school.  When applying for an Education Grant, you must include a copy of your most recent 1040 Tax Return with the appropriate schedules that reflect either profit or loss. Grants will be granted based on the family’s annual income, volunteering as a past school family, and any other special circumstances. Grant applications are due at the time of enrollment.