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Elementary grades are the foundational blocks for life. Reading, writing, and math skills are developed to prepare students to be a life-long learner.

Some Features of Lafayette Christian School Elementary Grades
  • Christ-focused with prayer, Bible lessons, and chapels
  • Experienced, exceptional, talented teachers
  • Music, art, and PE from specialized teachers
  • 3 recesses per day for grades K-4 and 2 recesses per day for grade 5
  • Close-knit school family

All of the above plus,

  • Option of 3-day (MWF) or 5-day 
  • Strong academic emphasis; excellent preparation for first grade

For the 2022-2023 school year, we will be offering two kindergarten classes. The three-day and five-day students will be split into two sections. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, each class will be a little smaller as the three-day students aren't in attendance. All classes will follow the same curriculum with the same goal of preparing a child for first grade. The five-day class will have more enrichment activities and reinforcement activities.

If enrollment increases, we will consider opening a third class.

  Name Title Group
Heather Blankenship Blankenship, Heather Classroom Aide Elementary
Sarah Bollock Bollock, Sarah 5th Grade Elementary
Brooke Brewer Brewer, Brooke Classroom Aide Elementary
Kayla Del Valley Del Valley, Kayla Kindergarten Elementary
Tina Eversman Eversman, Tina 1st Grade Elementary
Stephanie Graves Graves, Stephanie 4th Grade Elementary
Kim Plantenga Plantenga, Kim 2nd Grade Elementary
Cathy Posas Posas, Cathy 3rd Grade Elementary
Michelle Tuinstra Tuinstra, Michelle 3rd Grade Elementary
Brooke Vermilya Vermilya, Brooke 1st Grade Elementary
Cathy Vyn Vyn, Cathy Classroom Aide Elementary
Bridget Winger Winger, Bridget Kindergarten Elementary