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Volunteer Application
  • LCS Volunteer Requirements

    Volunteers who are likely to have direct, ongoing contact with children within the scope of their volunteer work will be required to complete a limited criminal background check before being considered to serve in such a capacity. Checks are not required for last-minute replacements where it would be impractical to do so. Volunteers may include but not be limited to: athletic coaches, office volunteers, classroom volunteers, lunch workers, custodial volunteers, and field trip drivers or chaperones. Checks are not required in cases of minimal contact with children. As defined in I.C. 5-2-5-1 (1), a limited criminal history means information with respect to any arrest, indictment, information, or other formal criminal charges which must include a disposition. The release section of this form must be signed before any background check is conducted. The information obtained will be treated confidentially and will not be released except pursuant to state law, court order, or Indiana Department of Education requirements. Information will be destroyed the following school year.

  • Volunteer Code of Conduct

    We at Lafayette Christian School are blessed to have the close school and home relationship and sense of collaboration. Parents, grandparents, and other members of the school community are welcome to volunteer at LCS to serve the educational process in a number of ways.

    Together, we are responsible for the care and safety of our young people. This is an extension of our Christian call to serve others in a spirit of love and nurture.

    With this in consideration, expectations and standards of conduct apply to those who serve as volunteers in working with children and youth:

    • Volunteers support the roles and responsibilities of parents while serving the school’s children and youth.
    • Volunteers engaged in service to LCS are subject to background checks and other pertinent safe school procedures or guidelines.
    • Volunteers must maintain appropriate physical and emotional boundaries with children and youth school volunteers. Physical contact can be easily misconstrued and should occur only when it is completely non-sexual and when other adults are present. Corporal punishment or demeaning language is not to be used in working with children and youth.
    • Any use of tobacco, alcohol, or illicit drugs (or being under the influence of alcohol or drugs) is forbidden while serving with children and youth.
    • Volunteers are to avoid developing inappropriate relationships with minors.
    • Incidents of inappropriate contact with children or youth are to be reported to the school administration. An incident may result in the cessation of an individual’s volunteering in the school.

    Limited Background Check Release

    A limited criminal background check release will be signed by those wishing to volunteer. Limited criminal history background reports will be reviewed by the school administration before a volunteer, as defined above, is allowed to work in the school with students. My signature indicates that I give my permission for Lafayette Christian School to conduct a limited criminal background check pursuant to the above requirement for volunteers.