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The curriculum develops aural skills, an understanding of music theory and form, and an appreciation of music through the study of music's historical development. Performance opportunities are provided vocally and instrumentally in class and school performances.  The importance of music as a means of worshipping God is instilled through students' participation in devotions and chapels. Students in grades 3 and 4 are taught to play the recorder to develop music reading skills and as an introduction to the beginning band program. Students in grade 5 have a unit of learning to play ukuleles.

Beginning band is offered to 5th grade students. Students are given an opportunity to learn a band instrument in this beginning level class. Music reading skills and the technical skills needed for their instrument are taught and developed. Performances and participation in solo music festivals aid in the development of playing skills and musicianship.

Concert band is for students in grades 6-8. A variety of musical selections are rehearsed and performed while developing each student's musical ability and technical skills on their instrument.  Performances are given throughout the school year, as well as opportunities for participation in solo & ensemble contests. 

Vocal Choir is provided for students in grades 6-8. Performances are planned within the school as well as in the community throughout the school year. The choir normally participates in the state music festival in the spring. 3-part vocal music from various genres and styles will be rehearsed and performed.  Emphasis is placed on vocal and aural musical development, musicianship as a singer, and the attainment of excellence in choral performance.


Students in grades 6-8 have the opportunity to practice expressive speaking, acting, and singing while working together on a musical drama. For the final production, some students will act, some will sing, and all will be involved in some way in the musical.

Note: This course is not offered every year.

Music Appreciation covers music’s historical development, musical genres and styles, music theory and basic composition, and musical listening skills. Students are given opportunities to develop their understanding of music’s involvement in our lives and music’s role in our worship to God. 

Our handbell choir meets after-school. The bell choir performs at various times throughout the year.