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2022-23 Tuition






Kindergarten (3-day)

Kindergarten (5-day)

Grades 1 - 8

Per Month


$118 (9 months)

$192 (9 months)

$316 (12 months)

$525 (12 months)

$570 (12 months)








Application Fee: $150 per family for grades K-8. $50 per family for preschool/pre-k. 
If the family has students in both preschool/pre-k and grades K-8, only the $150 fee will be charged.

Continuous Enrollment Fee: $150 per family for grades K-8. $50 per family for preschool/pre-k. 
New enrollees will not be charged the enrollment fee, provided they paid the application fee. 


LCS K-8 Multi-Child Grant

This grant is available and is to be deducted from the family’s total full tuition for children in grades K-8.
3 or more children — 10% grant
The Multi-Child Grant is applied first before any additional grant or scholarship is applied.

Financial Aid Options

Indiana School Choice Scholarship (vouchers)

Lafayette Christian School participates in the Indiana School Choice Scholarship program.  Please review the materials available on the state's website to determine if your student may qualify.

School Choice Scholarship Application Requirements
Once a student is accepted through the LCS admissions process, his/her parent(s) may apply for the Choice Scholarship program. Families must return the completed required paperwork to the school. The school will complete the Choice Scholarship application online before the deadline that the state sets annually for Choice Scholarship applications.

Priority Admission and Lottery Process
Priority admission under the Choice Scholarship program will be given to students who have siblings at Lafayette Christian School and/or current students who have received an SGO grant the previous year.  If at the admissions deadline, the number of applicants that have completed the admission process exceeds the enrollment capacity for the Choice Scholarship at a given grade level, a lottery will be held to determine which Choice Scholarship student(s) will be accepted.  The lottery will be held on April 15 at a public meeting, or the first weekday thereafter. Once the lottery has been completed, a waiting list of applicants who have completed the LCS admission process and are accepted will be established to determine enrollment should additional seats become available.

If no lottery is determined to be needed by the Choice Scholarship application deadline, Lafayette Christian School will continue to accept students on a first-come, first-serve basis until enrollment capacity is reached.

Education grants from Scholarship Granting Organizations (SGOs) may be available to qualified families. Lafayette Christian School works with the Institute for Quality Education to make these grants available.  

For information about donating to SGO Grants, click here.

Need-based education grants are available to qualified families. Our annual Celebration of Faith Dinner and Auction and other efforts raise funds for such purposes. Our goal is to be able to support families that truly desire a Christ-centered education for their children.

Applications, which include special needs and/or circumstances that warrant consideration of your request, are to be completed and submitted to the school, with attention to the Tuition Chair, at the time of enrollment.

All applications for financial aid will require a copy of your most recent 1040 with appropriate schedules that reflect either profit or loss.

Please contact Jennifer White with questions and/or to obtain applications for any financial aid.


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