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The Physical Education Curriculum at LCS encourages students to develop a lifestyle of being physically fit so that they can more vigorously serve God. Physical skills are developed and integrated with organized physical activities, sports, and games. Students will gain an understanding of developing the bodies that God has given them. The building of a Christian attitude toward sportsmanship and teamwork will be emphasized in the curriculum. Physical Education classes meet twice per week. Class instruction is aligned to National and State Physical Education standards. 


Art instruction is provided once per week. Enriching students’ lives and encouraging them to appreciate the beauty of God’s world is the goal. The art curriculum provides students with opportunities to express their uniqueness and creativity. Art elements (line, shape, color, pattern, texture, form, value) are taught using a variety of mediums and techniques. Students are exposed to several artistic styles, artists, and famous artwork to gain an appreciation of art history. Students’ work is displayed throughout the school.


The LCS library and librarian are available to serve our students beyond the books and materials often available in the classroom. Beginning with first grade, each student has a weekly library time, either for checking out books or being read to by the librarian. Our collection contains books intended to inform, entertain, and teach, with every effort made to omit books, which are inconsistent with the LCS mission.  Upon request, the librarian also provides teachers with additional materials for use in classrooms for reports or study units.